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The Webpage that you are currently on is the Markiplier Fan Page ( i do appologise that the name is incorrect)


Mark Edward Fishbasch(born june 28 , 1989) Known by his YouTube handle Markiplier is an American Actor, Voice Actor, Comedian, Internet Personality , Video Game Commentator and Philanthropist. Originally from O'ahu, Hawaii, Mark Began His career in cincinnati, Ohio; and is currently Based in Los Angeles, California. As of ~1:00 PM EST, on October 24th 2014.his channel has over 4,000,000 subscribers, over one billion total views, and is the 139th most subscribed channel on YouTube. Mark specializes in Let's Play gameplay commentary videos, commonly of survival horror and action video games. He is best known for his comedic gameplay commentary.

Charity Work Edit

Fischbach has hosted numerous charity livestreams on Twitch through his Twitch channel. His current goal is to host a charity livestream once every month. Along with having fans donate to charities directly, he offers exclusive, one-day-only merchandise, with all of the money raised from selling those items going to his charity of the month. In total, Fischbach, with the continuous support of his subscribers, has raised $482,479.14. Many also credit him as being one of the first on YouTube to actually begin these charity livestreams with dedication, which has since inspired many other major YouTubers to begin their own charity live streams.

Latest activity Edit

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